Face masks that protect you and your family from corona virus

Coronavirus acknowledged as the most dangerous specie of virus which is easy to move on and causes death. It has dirty mostly thousands of people in Wuhan, China and now move ahead to the UK, France, Korea, and many extra countries. People who traveled to china are experiencing the symptoms of this deadly virus corona. The common symptoms of this virus are fever, carbuncle throat, pneumonia, energetic problem, coughing. similar to an individual is diagnosed next COVID19 that person develops gasping burden because the lungs are the main part of the body gets affected. As the infection grows the mass body starts getting weak and weak as the blood in the body gets abstemious due to the injury of the virus.

How the coronavirus affects your health?

First, these viruses target lungs as they are easy to belligerence next they enter in stomach and intestine. In recent tests in some countries, the stool exam has shown the COVID19 sure report.

Coronavirus in fact attacks in heart and vessels the symptoms are peculiar heartbeats and BP problems. These virus attacks in the kidney and liver as capably and slowly- slowly kills the immune system.

The solutions to stay secure from this virus:
-Wear masks for virus
-avoid get into subsequently animals and birds.
-Do not eat non-veg for re 90 days till summers.

The n95 mask support you in protecting from various harmful particles gift in the air, pollution, harmful rays of the sun, and the dangerous viruses gift in the atmosphere.
Surgical masks are easy to use and they are reusable also, these masks for the virus are truly obliging and simple to use and create full of beans easy. as a result acquire the N95 masks to protect yourself from the deadly virus corona