Get to know in detail about the facilities offered by Demat account

We all know the importance of the Demat account. We have when through very nearly the merits of the Demat account and how investors and the buyers are deeply benefited. Even companies started dematerializing every their documents and in addition to legal and legal obligations to dematerialize your invoices (obligations légales et juridiques pour dématérialiser vos factures). Now let us analyze what are the facilities that Demat account offers.

Transfer of shares

Transfer of shares has become easy and convenient through the Demat account. This can be finished using the Delivery information slip to proceed like part trading. all the details are filled in the fall just to ensure the mild completion of the transaction.

Loan facility

The shares you sustain through your Demat account can be pledged as collateral security in the banks and you can avail take forward by making use of it.


With the back of your Demat account, you have already dematerialized all your living thing documents. Likewise, at anytime you can re-materialize it and convert all electronic documents to physical documents of your conveniences.

Multiple entrance options.

Your Demat account can be accessed in numerous media. You can access your shares and tradings of your Demat account through your computer, mobile phone or any additional hand-held devices as soon as an internet connection.

Freezing Demat accounts

Every Demat account holders have the unconventional to numb his account any period for any duration of time. this is mainly to avoid any unpredicted relation or debit in your account. To avail of this option, the account holder should withhold a specific sum of securities in his account.